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Chief Felix Musqua Honoured At Pow-Wow

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FEBRUARY 1976      v05 n02 p39  
The Keeseekoose Reserve people recently honoured their Chief Felix Musqua during a Pow-wow by presenting him with a war bonnet and a white leather beaded outfit at the St. Philip's school gymnasium.

The highlight of the Pow-wow was the crowning of their Chief and words of praise and encouragement of FSI Senator Roy Musqua.

Dan Pelletier was given the honour to crown the Chief Felix Musqua with this special ceremony. Mr. Pelletier, who is a very avid Pow-wow follower, comes from Yorkton.

Chief Tony Cote from the neighbouring Cote Reserve was also on hand to assist his colleague to complete this ceremony.

Chief Musqua was elected as Chief of Keeseekoose Band in the fall of 1974 and presently his last leg of a two-year term.

There was about 200 people who crowded into the St. Philip's gym to take part in this special event on January 11. The Keeseekoose people, led by Senator Roy Musqua and his sister Dorothy Crowe, initiated this event for their highly respected Chief.

Also on hand was a group of singers from Fort Qu'Appelle, who were invited to lead the sing-song, prior to the crowning.

Senator Roy Musqua had a lot to say to both Chiefs from Cote and Keeseekoose. He himself was a Chief of Keeseekoose for eight different terms.

He stated about the trials and errors of running a reserve. He said, "You have to listen to the people with a kind heart and still must use your judgement to get the best for your reserve."

Nellie Musqua and her husband Roy Musqua, chipped in together to put this fine outfit together.

Pelletier crowning Musqua with War Bonnet
On the right is Dan Pelletier from Yorkton, crowning Chief Felix Musqua with a War Bonnet.
Chief Musqua with Chief Tony Cote.
Chief Felix Musqua in white buckskin outfit and colleague Chief Tony Cote.