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Indians Have Mineral Rights

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      DECEMBER 1976      v06 n12 p06  
Denzil Kitchemonia of the Keeseekoose Band has been very actively involved within the Treaty Rights and Research Department of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians (FSI) these past few months.

"According to the treaties, the Indian people are supposed to be the richest people in this world if the foreigners of this country had lived up to the promises signed over 100 years ago.'

All the oil, minerals, coal, and all the resources from underground belongs to the Indian people.

 "From my research, the treaty clearly states we have only given away the top soil of six inches or the depth of a plough share to the foreigners of this country," he says.

 According to Mr. Kitchemonia's findings, the Indian people did not want to make any treaty with the whiteman. They were starved and coerced into accepting the many false promises in exchange for this big country now known as Canada.

"Another thing that hit me pretty hard," says Denzil, "the whiteman has no right to tamper with our wild game." The wild game was left for the Indian to do as he wanted to do with them while the whiteman would survive with his domestic animals, according to Mr. Kitchemonia's findings.

"The hunting season in the fall is contrary` to the treaty rights'" says Mr. Kitchemonia, "the whiteman has no business hunting our game."

"Likewise they have no business stopping the Indian from hunting wild game for food on their tables," he says.

In the land claim issue, Mr. Kitchemonia had also found some startling facts, but had requested not to make the public aware of it at this time. The findings need some further studies and Endings before anything can be made known to the public, he says.