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100 Years And Looking Good

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1976      v06 n04 p41  
Mathew Charles and his wife (seated) surrounded by his family.
Mathew Charles and his wife [seated] surrounded by his family.

A long-time resident of Lac La Ronge, Mathew Charles celebrated his 100th birthday on April 9.

A buffet supper served for the occasion was enjoyed by all who attended. In attendance were his family and some close friends. With four daughters and four sons, he has 52 grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren.

Mr. Charles very cheerfully blew the candles out on the huge cake. It is marvelous to see a man of his age get around so well. As he unwrapped his presents, holding a shirt and tie in hand, he said, "lookin' good" jokingly.

His wile Lydia is some years younger. She had this to say about her husband: "He was always a good provider, and I went with him where his work took him." She described him as a devoted and hard working man. When he was young, he worked for the Hudson Bay Co. for 30 years.

Mr. Charles was a mail carrier for the Hudson Bay Co. He travelled with dog team to and from Prince Albert, which took six days to complete. He hauled food such as flour, tea, etc., to trappers in the north. At this time, still employed by the Hudson Bay Co., he traded the food to the trappers for their furs.

At the age of 100 years, this man can get around very well and with no help. He must have a secret or he lived a simple good life.