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Oppose Gun Control

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1976      v06 n04 p15  
The Indian Chiefs of Saskatchewan came out strongly opposed to the proposed gun control bill currently before Parliament.

In a strongly worded resolution by Chief Lucien Bruce and seconded by Chief Rod King, the assembly voted to oppose gun control.

The resolution was based on four reasons; The treaties guarantee the unrestricted rights of Indians to possess firearms and to hunt regardless of the season. The fee to pay to register a firearm represents a form of taxation, which is in opposition to treaties. And finally restrictions on hunting and firearms will affect the cultural way of life of Indian people.

In speaking to the resolution, Chief Ahenakew stated, "It may seem like a small piece of legislation but it represents another infringement on our treaties. Gradually piece by piece, we are going to lose our treaty rights unless something is done."

The assembly voted unanimously in support of the resolution.