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Justice Programs By Indian People Outlined

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 17 1975      v05 n18 p08  
Saskatoon - Programs that will much improve the quality of justice being administered to Indian communities by Indian people were outlined recently by Henry, Langan.

Addressing the delegates at the 17th Annual General Assembly of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians (FSI), Mr. Langan outlined the Justice of Peace program and the Indian Special Constable program.

"With the full co-operation of Chief and band council, it will greatly improve the service to the Indian people," said Mr. Langan regarding the Justice of Peace program.

The Justice of Peace program which began operation one year ago has Indian people serving as JPs whereby establishing court sittings on Indian reserves.

"Usually the Indian person accused of an offence before the court is often at a disadvantage due to the communication gap," said Mr. Langan "We will even take the court to the people if they have to travel great distances to attend court," added Mr. Langan.

The Indian Special Constable program which began operating in January of 1975 has been very successful, according to Mr. Langan. "The Indian people are now having a different attitude towards the police force," he said.

A total of 12 new recruits have been accepted for training and will commence training very shortly. There are now a total of eight that are serving in various centres throughout the province.

Henry Langan