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Nikaneet Indian Band Launch Land Claim

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 17 1975      v05 n18 p08  
Saskatoon - After nearly three years of extensive research, the Nikaneet Band have launched a land claim, according to Noel Starblanket, Director of the Treaty Rights and Treaty Research of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians (FSI).

Addressing the delegates at the - l7th General Assembly of the F.S.I., Mr. Starblanket gave a four-point report on Indian Rights and Treaty Research.

According to Mr. Starblanket, Chief Ahenakew, Chief of the Federation of Sask. Indians, had sent a letter to Indian Affairs Minister Judd Buchanan requesting formal negotiations of Treaty entitlement claim of the Nikaneet Band near Maple Creek in southern Saskatchewan.

Under Treaty No. 4, the Nikaneet Band was denied land entitlement and are requesting it be fulfilled. The Nikaneet Band were also denied Treaty status.

Research undertaken by the Treaty Rights and Research Department (FSI) indicated the Nikaneet Band is eligible, on the basis of reserve land entitlements outlined in Treaty 4, to an additional 13,600 acres in excess of the 3,040 acres of reserve land currently held by the band.

Under the terms of Treaty 4, signatory bands were entitled to one section of land for each family of five.

Also reported was the Primrose Bombing Range, where monetary compensation job, trappers and fishermen who can no longer make a living from those vocations, and monetay compensation because the Federal Government has failed in its duty to provide other vocations when a hunting, fishing and trapping economy has denied the Indian bands concerned.

Mentioned also was the partial land entitlement in which the Federal Department of Indian Affairs indicated no objection.

The province is likely to be invoked in the land claims issue. On August 18, Mr. Buchanan wrote to Premier Allan Blakeney inviting the province's participation in settling the band's claims.

In the letter, Mr. Buchanan mentioned 12 Indian bands which the Indian Affairs research staff has identified as having valid claims. Included among the 12 are Piapot, Little Pine, and Lucky Man Indian Bands.

Noel Starblanket