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Chiefs, FSI To Meet With Federal Cabinet

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 30 1975      v05 n09 p02  
Prince Albert - A delegation of Chiefs representing the 69 bands in Saskatchewan will be going to Ottawa where they will present their response to the guidelines to Prime Minister Trudeau and the Federal Cabinet.

This announcement came after a three-day meeting last week of the Executive of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, FSI Program Directors, and Consultants from the Cultural College.

An "Emergency Treaty Rights Conference" has been called by the, Executive in response to a resolution passed at the last All-Chiefs Conference.

The resolution stated that a meeting be called with the Federal Cabinet if the Circular System is not reversed.

The Chiefs and the FSI Executive will be meeting with the Federal Cabinet, New Democratic Party Caucus, Progressive Conservative Caucus, and Representatives of the Senate Committee at which time, a paper entitled "Our Way - Saskatchewan Indian Position" will be presented.

The paper outlines a Statement of Treaty Rights, A Historical Review and Acculturation, Present Situation and Dominance of the Indian Act.

The paper also contains a chapter on the "One Agency Concept" where all monies going to Indian people from other agencies be channelled through Indian Affairs run by Indian people.

Chief David Ahenakew