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Charlie Cyr Going To Winnipeg Jets Camp

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 15 1975      v05 n08 p09  
Jumping from the junior “B” ranks straight into professional hockey seems to be an impossible feat. The Cote Chiefs big gun in the South East Junior Hockey League for the past three seasons, Charlie Cyr, will make the big plunge at the Winnipeg Jets training camp this summer.

A feat such as this has been duplicated successfully on several occasions, so Cyr's attempt is not all that impossible. A couple of big names who are currently active in the National Hockey League, the Buffalo Sabres Rick Dudley and goaltender Rogie Vachon of the Los Angeles Kings, never played Junior “A” hockey.

Charlie has had some brief experience with Junior “A” teams, such as the Weyburn Red Wings, Moose Jaw Canucks, Regina Silver Foxes of the Saskatchewan Tier Two League and the Saskatoon Blades and the Flin Flon Bombers of the Western Canada Major Junior “A” League.

Cyr gave an account of why he never stuck on to any team for too long. He says, “I had no ambition really, but the main problem I had was finances.”

He went on to say, “For example, I arrived in Saskatoon Blades training camp with only $15.00 to my name. I was broke and hungry by the second day. I was told I made the team, but I failed to report the third day. I had used up my money for a hotel and had meals for only one day. I had a bus return ticket, so I went home by the second day.”

Cyr has had some tough times similarly as this one. If he had the proper security, there would be no arguments that he would have cracked any team in the Western Canada Hockey League.

Playing for the Cote Chiefs, they offered him security and a roof over his head. Thus he managed league-scoring records three consecutive times to the first year, he changed the record books by attaining 101 points.

People who followed up on this league closely thought that this record could not be topped. But Cyr again, missing few games at that came up with 105 points. Here again, the statistician thought that this was it. Charlie Cyr came into the Chiefs came missing a few games and came out big with 113 points.

This motivated Ed Kozakoff, an ex-Yorkton Terriers Senior “A” player, to write to the World Hockey League Winnipeg Jets about Charlie.

Rudy Pilous, the Winnipeg Jets coach, replied by inviting Cyr to the Jets training camp, sometimes in June or July. More correspondence from the Jets is anticipated for the site of the camp.

The Winnipeg Jets are rumored to have their camp in Sweden, where they will also have a series of exhibition games with various teams in the international level. This trip is supposed to be just before the league commences its regular 1975-76 season.

The Cote Chiefs executives are going to back up Cyr 100 per cent when he does report to the Jets camp.

Charlie, at this time, is going through intense training by various exercises, such as weight lifting and jogging.

“This is my last chance,” Charlie says, “I am not going to blow this one. I am going to report to camp well prepared.”

Charlie Cyr presenting trophy to Lawrence Pelly
Charlie Cyr presenting the Cote Top PeeWee Defenceman award to Lawrence Pelly. Charlie will try out for the Winnipeg Jets the summer.