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Bomb Threat Disrupts Chiefs Return

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 30 1975      v05 n11 p08  
OTTAWA, Ont. - Just as the Chiefs from Saskatchewan were on the boarding stage on their chartered flight, after a week of talks with various parliamentarians, Thursday 10:30 p.m. Ottawa time, the public address system suddenly blasted the alarm for everyone to evacuate the terminal.

Immediately, everyone responded and quickly left the Ottawa airport buildings for safety. This created confusion and questions from the Saskatchewan Indian delegation. While on the other hand, other people were scurrying everywhere for cover. Some ladies and even some men were in near hysteria.

The Chiefs were buzzing about, "What's going on?", "Someone is trying to scare us", "Somebody sure must hate us", and so forth. The Chiefs were confused, but if they were scared, they never showed any signs of it.

The Indian delegates were then recalled to go through the security customs once again and thoroughly searched with metal detectors. They then were herded into a portion of the airport surrounded by a high fence.

The Indians were isolated and guarded from the other passengers. It was there the stewardesses calmly told the Indian representatives that the Minister of Transport John Jamieson received an anonymous phone call that a bomb was planted on the plane carrying the Indian passengers. The Minister immediately relayed this message to the airport.

The airport officials responded by taking no chances. In no time flat, the place was flooded with security guards, R.C.M.P.s and bomb experts.

While the security team was busy organizing themselves, a passenger plane that was in the act of making a regular scheduled landing suddenly nosed up into another direction. Most probably they were told not to land until the place was cleared, of any danger.

In the meantime the Chiefs were waiting patiently. They were all joking, laughing and gathered in little huddles. There was even a group singing and dancing to pow-wow songs. The stewardesses who saw the brave reaction of the Chiefs were bug-eyed and surprised at how the Chiefs carried on very calmly. Well anyway, they witnessed a first class example that Indians are still brave people in the face of danger.

All the luggage belonging to the Saskatchewan Chiefs were immediately removed from the plane. Everyone was asked to claim their luggage and open them for inspection.

Right after the inspection procedures were completed and everything seemed well again, the Chiefs were all anxious to head home. The hoax call which was speculated to scare the wits out of the Indians was a complete failure. To sum it all up, the Chiefs felt it was just an hour wasted.

Opposition leader, Dave Steuart, accompanied the Chiefs of Saskatchewan to Ottawa.
Opposition Leader, Dave Steuart accompanied
the Chiefs Saskatchewan to Ottawa.
Chief Myles Venne and Andy Micheal
Chief Myles Venne and Community Development Supervisor
Andy Micheal are seen boarding the plane.
John R. McLeod, Peter Dubois, and Leo Cameron
John R. McLeod, Peter DuBois, and Leo Cameron,
discussing the "bomb scare" with security guards.
The FSI Senators strongly supported the Chiefs and journeyed with them to Ottawa.
The FSl senators strongly supported the Chiefs and
journeyed with them to Ottawa.

Saskatchewan Indian Chiefs, Senators, FSI Executive and numerous delegates in front of the Parliament Buildings.
Saskatchewan Indian Chiefs, Senators, FSI Executive, and numerous delegates struck this pose in front of the Parliament Buildings.