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District Chiefs Dissolve All Committees

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 15 1975      v05 n12 p02  

Touchwood - File Hills - Qu'Appelle District Chiefs have decided that all 16 Chiefs in the district will travel to Ottawa.

The decision was reached at the District Chiefs meeting held at Fort Qu'Appelle. Jean Belfry discussed the O & M and Capital Budgets and explained the quarterly allotments and the systems that are to be followed before the budgets could be released to the band.

Gordon Townsend gave copies of the letter received from Mr. Freeman in reference to the resolutions passed at a prior meeting in which the education budget was reduced in the amount of $412,000. This money represented mid-day lunches, special clothing, daily transportation, band staff and the administration of band programs. Mr. Freeman's reasons were that no additional funds can be provided for basic programs, or for unauthorized programs, i.e.; clothing supplement, at this time. He also stated that the Regional Office has been requested to review the present A level funding base, taking into consideration price and volume increases, accurate unit statistics, supplementary estimates. If there is surplus, this would be provided into the District Education Budget.

The second resolution was for the release of sufficient funds to cover '75-76 tuition fees to the district. Mr. Freeman's reasons to this resolution which was unapproved were that tuition dollar requirements for this district would be protected for that purpose and not used to off-set deficits from other districts. He stated that Regional Office wants to ensure that dollars allocated for Indian education, whether for Federal or Provincial Joint Schools, is on an equal basis. He also stated that once required levels of funding and expenditures were clearly identified that Regional Office would once more allocate total program dollars to District Offices.

It was also agreed by the Chiefs that the education budget which was unapproved be taken to Ottawa June 17. Chief McNab moved that the bands continue with the programs regarding the O & M and Education Budget as before and, in the meantime request additional dollars as specified in resolutions previously passed.

Cultural grants were discussed. The total amount allotted for this district was $8,800. This was based on the population for the district on a per capita basis of $1.10. It was passed that the per capita basis of each reserve be divided by the 16 bands. Mr. Townsend was granted permission by the Chiefs in the form of a resolution to go and ask the Department of Culture and Youth for a matching grant for Summer Employment for Students. This matching grant would depend on the amount given to this district from Regional Office. This program is offered by the Department of Culture and Youth, Youth Employment Service.

It was also passed that the chiefs dissolve the District Chief Committees, which include housing, roads, education and economic development as of June 4, 1975.

Chief Hilliard McNab
Chief Hilliard McNab discusses Chiefs trip to Ottawa.