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Marathon Hockey Game Tops World Record

Badgerville - World records are made to be broken and re-written in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is exactly what happened in the Cote Band arena sports complex recently as the Cote Selects and the St. Philip's Maple Leafs smashed the all-time longest ice hockey match.

According to the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records, the longest hockey match ever recorded was two hours, 56 minutes, and 30 seconds, when the Detroit Red Wings eventually beat the Montreal Maroons 1 to 0 in the sixth period of overtime at the Forum at Montreal at 2:25 a.m. on March 25, 1936. This is a total of six hours and 25 minutes straight time.

All that is in the past as the St. Philip's Maple Leafs from the Keeseekoose Band and the Cote Selects from the Cote Band faced off at center ice on November 7, 1975, 10 a.m. in the morning determined to break the Guinness World Record. Twenty players from each team started off at a furious pace which tired out only two players from the Maple Leafs and three members from the Selects.

Denzil Kitchemonia
Denzil Kitchemonia, one of the volunteer referees at the hockey marathon.

A total of 12 periods and 111 goals later, both teams topped the record by one hour, three minutes, and 30 seconds of playing time. The teams played for 10 hours until 8 o'clock that historical evening which could of went on further, but the officials were more weary and decided to call the game at the designated deadline.

The Selects had the lead in all the periods and left no doubt in their superiority over the Maple Leafs that day. The score ended 72 for Cote and 39 for St. Philip's.

The actual reason behind all this was a fund-raising drive spearheaded by the Cote Recreation Board with proceeds going to the much needed Cote Arena Fund. Canvassing covered the Cote and Keeseekoose Reserves, plus merchants and farmers from the Kamsack area.

St. Philip's Maple Leafs
The St. Philip's Maple Leafs, a tired but happy hockey team after helping break the longest hockey game.
Cote Selects
The Cote Selects, winners of the record-breaking hockey team.