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Cultural College Granted Community College Status

The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College has been granted Community College status by the provincial government.

The announcement was made informally by telex recently from the government.

The Community College status was only granted for the southern half of the province, excluding that part covered by the Department of Northern Saskatchewan. DNS approval is now merely a formality.

The agreement finalizes months of negotiation between the FSI and the provincial government and now makes the College eligible for CORE grants as well as federal and provincial training funds.

There are, however, still some unanswered questions to be dealt with. Details such as location and scope of programs has not been detailed.

Community College status now means that the SICC can begin training programs tailored to Band and reserve needs.

The Board of the Cultural College, which includes the FSI Executive and District Representatives automatically becomes the Board of the Community College.

Community College status means that Band staff and reserve training will be strengthened. Two years ago, $1 million was set aside for training by the Department of Indian Affairs, last year $400,000 and next year these funds were to be cut off.