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First Indian In Province To Become Hotel Manager

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      NOVEMBER 1974      v06 n09 p52  
Sintaluta - After 21 years of active employment in various fields, Lawrence Thompson Jr., from the Carry-the-Kettle Reserve became a full-pledged hotel manager last February at the town of Sintaluta, Sask.

Carry-the-Kettle is an Indian reserve, located seven miles south of Sintaluta and approximately 60 miles east of Regina.

Back in 1953, Lawrence Thompson, better known as "Ace" joined up with the Queen's Own Rifles at the age of 16. He spent 13 months at Korea as part of the army's peace corp. He also spent some time in Germany. After three years in the army was Honourably discharged as a Permanent Orderly Sargeant.

From the army, Ace went into the farm business on his own reserve. At the same time he worked for the "Eddy Match Company" for nine and a half years and worked on his farm by going back and forth to Regina.

In 1964, Ace landed a challenging job on the Highway Patrol. For four years, his work consisted of scale work and general patrol work. He was stationed at Regina and Moosomin.

His army experience became an asset to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians in his job as Health Liaison Worker. For three and one-half years, he covered 24 reserves in the southern part of the province.

He met an aquaintance of Dave Rink (who is one of his close buddies) by the name of Al Bonesky from Regina. Bonesky and Ace then became good friends and Bonesky offered him a job in one of his chain of hotels in Saskatchewan. Bonesky's hotels are called "Bonesky's Enterprises".

Ace is working towards a partnership at the Sintaluta Hotel with Mr. Bonesky. He is waiting for a reply from the I.A.B. for a back-up loan.

Already Ace has some good working relationships in the area. He sponsored and coached the Carry-the-Kettle A's in the Wolsely District Men's Fastball team.

Mr. Thompson's fastball history is a story in itself as he pitched and played for teams such as the Regina Kitchener Angels, the Regina Brocks, and more recently led the Regina Native fastball team.

His most memorable game was when he pitched a championship game in Regina in 1967 and won by a score of 3-2. Mr. Al Bonesky has nothing but praise for Ace Thompson. He quotes "Ace is a heck of a good business man. He is just as good as any whiteman and in a lot of cases even better".

Remarks from people felt that Mr. Thompson plays no favoritism and treats all the people equal.

Ace Thompson quotes, "It is a business, and a place for everybody to relax".

Ace Thompson
"Ace" Thompson, new manager of Sintaluta Hotel.