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Treasurer Henry Langan Resigns From Federation

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      NOVEMBER 1974      v06 n09 p13  
Former Treasurer Henry Langan

A prominent figure in the development of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, did not seek re-election this term and has officially resigned from political life in Saskatchewan.

Henry Langan, served as Treasurer for the FSI for 10 consecutive years before deciding to resign.

Henry was a head-table guest at a banquet held during the FSI's Annual Conference, where Chief David Ahenakew presented him with a plaque made of deer hide in recognition of his many years of service to the Indian people in Saskatchewan.

Chief Ahenakew spoke warmly of the man he served three terms with on the FSI Executive.

"Henry is dedicated to the Indian people in the province and has worked unselfishly for many years for them," he said.

Henry worked as an Agency Representative with the Federation before seeking a position on the executive.

"Ten years ago, we didn't have a penny to work with and I don't know why a Treasurer was even needed," he said.

After one year as Treasurer, Henry managed to build their account to $700. There was no wages for the few FSI workers and they had to use their own money for travelling.

The first large grant, the FSI received from the provincial government was $11,000 with strings attached.

"We had to get other Indian organizations formed out of the province, and we had to assist the Metis form an association," Henry said.

Although he has resigned from political life, he is "not being put out to pasture" as he put it.

He is currently working on the Justice of the Peace Program in the province along with the Attorney Generals office.

He will also be nominated to the National Indian Brotherhood Senate that is currently being formed.