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First Indian School Board In Saskatchewan

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1974      v04 n05 p29  
Regina - Saskatchewan's first Indian school district board of trustees will be elected in May to the Govan school district unit, according to an announcement by Education Minister Gordon MacMurchy.

The three communities, Day Star, Poorman and Gordon situated in the Touchwood-Filehills Fort Qu'Appelle District will have representations as a result of changes being made in the educational system whereby Indians will be allowed to be elected as school district board trustees according to a previous announcement by Mr. MacMurchy.

A capital construction agreement made earlier this year with the three bands, covering construction at Punnichy and Raymore, has set another precedent certain to be followed by other groups throughout the province, the minister said in a news release.

The same parties last year signed the first tri-party tuition agreement in the province, Mr. MacMurchy pointed out.