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First In Canada: Band Builds Mall

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1974      v04 n05 p05  
The Pas - Jean Chretien, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs and Chief Gordon Lathlin, of The Pas Band, announced recently that a shopping centre will be built on The Pas Reserve.

The shopping centre will be the first one to be owned by Indian people in Canada. It will include approximately 30 national and local stores.

Construction is scheduled to begin in May 1974 and be completed in May 1975. Upon completion and occupancy of the project, the management and administration will be under professional supervision.

The Pas, located about 450 miles northwest of Winnipeg, has a population of about 12,000 people of which about 20% are of Native descent.

It is hoped that at least 25% of the 125 jobs created will be filled by Indian people as well as giving them employment during construction.