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Wuttunee Captivates Audience

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1974      v04 n03 p04  
Winston Wuttunee Gives Special Concert For Life Skills Students At Montreal Lake Reserve Recently

Montreal Lake - The Upgrading and Life Skills students of Montreal Lake recently invited Winston Wuttunee to come and sing for them and the local school children took advantage of the opportunity to come and listen to him.

Winston Wuttunee is the Music Co-ordinator of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College in Saskatoon and has been involved in music, in writing and composing his own songs for quite some time. He comes from the Red Pheasant Reserve but presently resides in Saskatoon. Mr. Wuttunee said he has been very busy lately answering requests, visiting and singing for various reserves in Saskatchewan.

The Upgrading and Life Skills class, which commenced on January 3 and ends in April, is comprised of 16 students from the Montreal Lake Reserve. It is sponsored by Canada Manpower and the course was drawn up by Osborne Turner of the Cultural College in consultation with the Chief and Council and the School Committee from the reserve. The course is taught by two instructors who were selected by the School Committee with some assistance from the Cultural College.

The Life Skills coach is Bob Noble. He said his instruction applies to problem solving in five areas which includes problems that may be experienced in a job, community, within yourself, leisure, and your family. He said the students are very good to work with but are very shy and often find it quite difficult to express their feelings in a group situation.

Winston Wuttunee
College Singing Star - Winston Wuttunee

Maisie Shiell, who teaches basic academic subjects like English and Arithmetic, said they are also studying a bit of Social Studies. "Right now, we are doing some studying on the Churchill River System," she said.

Mary Henderson and Dorothy Bird, a couple of the students said they both enjoy the course and find it interesting. "The only thing I'm finding a little bit difficult is arithmetic," Mary said.

The class is planning for a field trip to Saskatoon in the near future to tour the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College and recently held a bingo to raise funds for it. "This was part of the Life Skills program because the students got together and put the bingo on themselves," Mr. Noble said. The students raised $119.00 but need more funds because the trip will cost approximately $324.00, he said.

In his musical presentation, Mr. Wuttunee first sang and told stories for the smaller children. The children especially liked the song about Papahakwan which was composed by Mrs. Victoria Francis of the Piapot Reserve, and also enjoyed a story of Wesaketsak.

Later on in the program, the smaller children left and Mr. Wuttunee sang some of his more serious compositions like Kayas Nehiyaw and See The Arrow to the Upgrading and Life Skills students.

Cecil Bird, who was acting Chief, thanked Mr. Wuttunee on behalf of everyone for coming. Mr. Wuttunee was also presented with a couple of beaded ties by the class in appreciation for his time and effort.