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College Indian Art Program Will Begin Second Course

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JULY 1974      v04 n06 p09  
Saskatoon - When Sarain Stump first began working for the Indian Cultural College, he visited various schools in Saskatchewan explaining Indian Art to Indian students. He saw the need for more instructors who would be able to demonstrate, explain and teach art to the youngsters. His visits served many purposes but he could only visit so many schools and do only so much with the students.

With this in mind the Indian Art Instructors course was developed. The main objective of the course is to train native people to teach art to native children. The first course began in February and a second intake of students will soon begin.

Included in the course are the study of various art techniques such as skin painting, beadwork, basketry, pottery, wood carving, finger weaving, and painting.

Also included in the course will be the study of various cultures of Indian people and their art. This study will include the techniques and principles the Indian people had for their art.

The students will be encouraged to work in their areas of interest and develop skills in these areas. They will have the opportunity to work in schools teaching the art to the students.

The course length is two years with four different semesters with the areas of study spread over these four semesters. Slides, films, discussion, demonstrations, and practical work are included in the course.

Last year's students have participated in displays such as the Folk Art Festival in Saskatoon. They have had the opportunity to live outdoors for three months on the Moose Woods Reserve. Resource personnel were obtained wherever and whenever possible.

This year's students recently embarked on a trip to Sante Fe, New Mexico to visit the Indian Art School there.

Instructors for the course included Sarain Stump, Archie McGillvary, and Tom Severson. Each had various areas to teach. Sarain worked with the students in the study of different Indian art cultures while Archie taught the students about the non-Indian art. Tom taught pottery and printing.

This year's course is scheduled to begin this fall and applications will be accepted until August 20. An applicant must have either Grade Ten or be 18 years of age with good reading and writing ability. The applicant will be required to include a sample of their work when applying.