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Key Band Office Now Located Conveniently On It's Reserve

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1974      v04 n01 p10  
KEY - The Key Band made history recently at their Reserve by having a Band office relocated onto the reserve for the convenience of the local people.

The former Band office was in the town of Norquay, approximately ten miles north of Keys Reserve. The Band paid for office space, in the town of Norquay for approximately four years before deciding to move onto the Reserve. Chief Sterling Brass is the brilliant man responsible for making headway in having this much-needed facility right on the reserve.

This Band office is now centered within walking distance from the more populated part of the Reserve. It is located near the all-season road which runs through Keys.

Chief Brass and his Band Council are running the office for the time being. His Councillors are Alice Papequash, Vernon Brass; Edwin Brass and Spencer O'Soup. Chief Brass, experiencing a year as leader of his Band, claims he receives a good deal of excellent co-operation from his Councillors.

In the near future Chief Brass will have a staff consisting of a Welfare Administrator, a Band Manager, a Steno, and a Sports Director. They will carefully select the people who will be working in these positions. Chief Brass quotes "our workers will become a reality when things tend to slow down a bit."

The Key Band has made quite a few changes within the Reserve since Sterling took over as Chief about a year ago. He recreated a sports grounds in a site where his forefathers used to hold sports days and various gatherings.

He has regular monthly meetings with his people.

His future plans are to plant fish in one or two of the lakes on Keys. Hybrid saskatoon berry bushes will be planted in the springtime. He is also constructing a community pasture which is to be leased out. He is also having a trappers training course this winter.

Chief Sterling Brass welcomes all resource people from the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians and the Indian Affairs Branch to drop into his new Band office to exchange ideas.

He quotes, "It would give my people a great lift to come over and see a part of our world. We seemed to be always isolated."