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Willard Ahenakew Named To Head New Arts And Crafts Council

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1974      v04 n01 p08  
NORTH BATTLEFORD - Indian people associated with Arts and Crafts in the province met recently at the Clarendon Hotel in this city to elect a Provincial Acts and Crafts Advisory Committee for more direct input in the Arts and Crafts Program being implemented by Indian Affairs.

In the past, Arts and Crafts in the province had no direct contact with the National body in Ottawa and communication was very poor. The provincial body lacked progress because of the lack of direct input by Indian people into the program. A majority of the decisions were made in Ottawa, overlooking provincial needs and creating a communication gap. With the establishment of the advisory committee, it is hoped this will be rectified.

Terms of reference of the committee were set out at the meeting following a lengthy discussion and it was unanimously agreed that the committee would:

  1. Review current operation and projected plan of the Department's Indian Arts and Crafts Development Program.
  2. Provide direct input into Department of Indian Affairs on the development of its policy and implementation of the Arts and Crafts program.
  3. Meet with Indian Affairs for on-going discussions and periodic review of program progress.
  4. Four meetings to be held annually and provision for four alternate meetings of the committee, plus one yearly general meeting with the board of directors.
  5. The Provincial Indian Arts and Crafts Advisory Committee must be free from pressures and influence of all political groups and associations.

The Provincial Advisory Committee consists of the following people: Willard Ahenakew, Chairman (Prince Albert); Norma Bird, Secretary (Fort Qu'Appelle Handicraft); Sharon Bear, (Yorkton); Mrs. J. Bill (Chitek Lake); Maria Shephard (Regina Handicraft); Agnes Albert Battlefords Handicraft); Mrs. C. Sanderson (La Ronge Handicraft).