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Thunderchild Students Begin Classes On Reserve

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      DECEMBER 1974      v04 n10 p15  
Thunderchild - Classes for about 50 of the 200 children boycotting the Turtleford School have started recently on the Thunderchild Reserve.

Thunderchild Indian Reserve is approximately 60 miles northwest of North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

The band had started operations last April of 1973 by approving a band council resolution calling for the withdrawal of Indian students from Turtleford joint school and began negotiations for a federal school on the reserve.

According to Jim Mireau, Education Consultant, the plans for starting classes are going ahead despite the lack of school facilities. At the present time, two teachers from eastern Canada are teaching without pay and are receiving, welfare, he said.

The old elementary school on the reserve is presently being facilitated by the band. Classes in operation are in age groups doing away with the grade system.

"We are putting the children in age groups rather than have the child compete with other children, said Mr. Mireau. "He or she will be with other children with similar surroundings and not have the feeling that he has to compete with someone else, he added.

The federal department of the Indian Affairs in Ottawa have arranged a meeting with the Thunderchild Band in Ottawa slated to take place in December.

"I am sure that something will materialize from this meeting and hopefully can go ahead with the proposed school," said Mr. Mireau.

Classroom at Thunderchild

Thunderchild School