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Cote Wins Longboat Award

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 1974      v04 n06&07 p40  
Tony Cote Accceptng Longboat medal
Tony Cote accepts Longboat medal.

The efforts of Chief Tony Cote of the Cote Band in spearheading Saskatchewan's first Indian Games has earned him this year's Tom Longboat medal, an award made to the province's outstanding sportsman.

Announcement of the award was made by Federation of Saskatchewan Indians Chief David Ahenakew during official opening ceremonies for the Indian Summer Games, Aug. 15, in the Badgerville arena on the Cote Reserve.

Chief Cote volunteered his reserve as host for the Summer Games held to commemorate the signing of Treaty 4 100 years ago, and was president of the organization that worked for more than a year to prepare for the Games.

The award, which is presented annually in each province, is made in memory of Tom Longboat, an Iroquois Indian, who became famous as a Marathon racer and in 1912, set a world record for long distance running.

"I feel it very fitting that the man behind the Games, the man who worked seemingly endless hours, and the man who never gave up, should be recognized as the individual-who made the greatest contribution to Indian sports in the province this year," said Chief Ahenakew.

This year, for the first time in the history of the award, the selection of winners were delegated to provincial Indian organizations by the Awards Committee of the Sports Federation of Canada.