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Chiefs Hear Of Need For 4-H

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      NOVEMBER 1973      v03 n10 p05  
Meadow Lake - The 4-H Program as it relates to Indian communities was explained by its coordinator, Les Ferguson, and by a member of the steering committee, Alex Kennedy, to the various personnel who are working on Indian communities through the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians at the Capri Motor Hotel on October 29, 1973.

Alex Kennedy, responsible for the Agricultural Department of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, stated that the F.S.I. and the Saskatchewan 4-H Office has identified an urgent need to meet the needs of Indian youth on Saskatchewan reserves and there is a need to develop an understanding of agricultural potential.

Mr. Kennedy stated further that the youth on the various reserves were saddled with all the free time and were only getting into trouble and there was the need to have the youth develop a positive attitude toward their future.

The history of 4-H was related by Les Ferguson as to where and how it got started in 1913 as just a grain and cattle project. Mr. Ferguson stated further that the 4-H program is not only slated to boys but girls could also be a part of it as it takes in various departments which includes: agriculture, beef, cookery, personal development, knitting, crafts, foods, clothing, mechanics, photography and also recreation.

It was decided that the Community Development workers plus the Recreation personnel be responsible for the organization, the leadership development and the project development on their local reserves and also create an awareness of the potential of a 4-H program.

Chief Albert Bird of Montreal Lake Addressing Prince Albert District Chiefs.
Above, Chief Gilbert Bird of Montreal Lake, addresses the Prince Albert district Chiefs' meeting held recently. The meeting lasted three days.