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Hilliard Mcnabb: Leader And Spokesman Since 1936

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1973      v03 n03 p15  
Hilliard McNabb
Chief Hilliard McNabb
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Chief Hilliard McNabb from Gordon's Reserve has been a leader and spokesman for his band since 1936. Since that time Chief McNabb has held the position of band leadership for six terms. He has been in office for the last three terms as Chief. If he was not the Chief, he was always a councillor.

Chief McNabb also works as a community development officer for the Punnichy area. He proudly proclaims that he was involved in the birth of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians. He says, "This is our only weapon where we can voice our cries and needs to the white government."

Gordon's is not only famous for producing fine hockey players but also has a plant for the manufacture of homes, renovations and built in cupboards. This plant produces 100 homes per year for different bands in Saskatchewan. They also send out studdings and rafters throughout different reserves.

Upgrading classes are now being held on the Gordon's reserve at their community hall. Scholars attending are from Poormans, Gordon's, Day Star, Muscowegan and as far as Fishing Lake.

Chief Hilliard McNabb also stated that Indian handicrafts were introduced at the Punnichy Elementary School. The Cree language is also being taught. He hopes that there will be a follow-up training period right through to the high school grades.

Mr. McNabb is married to the former Doris Anderson who is also from the same reserve. They are proud parents of six grown up children, three boys and three girls.

He received his basic education on Gordon's reserve. Over the years Hilliard took various courses in different fields. Mr. McNabb definitely stresses on good education to make good Canadian citizens, but never to forget our Indian heritage.

Chief Hilliard McNabb was appointed by the present provincial government Attorney General's Department to sit on the Human Rights Commission. If you feel you have been discriminated against, this knowledgeable man will fight for equal rights for you.