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Oliver Brass

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1973      v03 n02 p15  
Oliver Brass Oliver Brass, the C.D. Research Co-ordinator for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians was born and raised on the Peepeekisis Reserve in File Hills. He took his grade school right on the Reserve and then attended high school in towns adjacent to the Reserve. After high school he took his B.Th. degree as he was interested in the ministry. A highly independent man, he put himself through four years of college for this degree as I.A.B. would not assist theology students.

After college Oliver felt that he ought to expand his horizons before really taking on the life of a religious leader, so he enrolled in the U. of S. Regina Campus. In May of 1972 he took his Honours B.A. in Psychology and kept right on working for his Masters degree. Presently all his classwork for a M.A. is completed and he is working on his Masters Thesis. He intends to keep right after his M.A. and take his Doctorate.

Oliver's good wife, Sheila, is a school teacher and is about finished her B.Ed. and B.A. degrees. So their three children are being raised amidst a home full of books, but by all appearances they don't seem to be suffering from the experience at all. In fact between wild stampedes through the house the kids spend a great deal of time looking at pictures in books and begging to have a story read to them.

Oliver and his family spend their spare time fishing, hunting, and camping. And anyone who has hunted with him knows him to be deadly with a .303. A freezer full of wild meat the year round attests to that. Certainly Oliver can only be a credit to his people.