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Poundmaker Honoured

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      OCTOBER 1972      v03 n10 p07  
Chief Poundmaker Monument

The unveiling of a plaque commemorating Chief Poundmaker was held at the Cut Knife Battlefield on the Poundmaker Reserve, October 13, 1972, by his grandson Jimmy Poundmaker.

In spite of a chilly wind the unveiling was attended by various dignitaries, chiefs, school children and interested visitors. The cold day didn't hamper the interest of many as the dedication on a great Indian chief was being held.

Mr. Allan Turner from the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada was the chairman of the unveiling. Various Chiefs and dignitaries were called upon namely: David Tootoosis on behalf of Chief Thomas Favel of Poundmaker; Wilfred Tootoosis who read Chief Poundmaker's biography; The Honourable G.R. Bowerman, Minister of Northern Sask. representing Jean Chretien; Reverend Andrew Ahenakew; Robert Bear; and Jimmy Poundmaker to address the gathering at the historic site.

The Saddleback Hoop Dancers from Hobbema, Alberta gave a dancing performance. Joe Saddleback did the hoop dance, demonstrating his dancing skill which took him abroad to perform. An Owl Dance was held for those who wanted to share their great admiration for a great Indian leader.

Indian history not written in textbooks was brought to light when Chief Dave Ahenakew stated that due to the wisdom of such a great chief that the whole army of redcoats were not wiped out completely. He stated further that one can call himself an Indian and be proud for what Chief Poundmaker stood for.