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Health Benefits For Indians

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1972      v03 n05 p12  

OPTICAL:   The new agreement with the Saskatchewan Optometric Association came into effect on January 1, 1972. Further agreements will be negotiated with opthalmologists and optical dispensars.

The agreement covers school children, students sponsored by Indian Affairs Branch or Manpower and University students and their families while the student is attending University.

Adults are not covered under the agreement but receive a 15% discount on professional service and pay for material costs. In the case of destitute adults, requests for assistance may be submitted for consideration to Medical Services Branch of the Department of National Health and Welfare in Regina.

The Indian child or student may select glasses up to a cost of $7.00 per pair of frames. If they want a more expensive pair, then the parents must pay the difference directly to the optometrist. We pay for all professional services and material. (The seven dollars represents only the material cost of the frames).

The transaction will be carried out by the optometrist or opthalmologist through an optical dispenser. He will examine the child's eyes, provide and obtain the glasses, fit the glasses, then continue to provide advice and repair as required.

All glasses will have heat tempered lenses to dress thickness. (Shatterproof and not too thick).

If lenses are broken in the first year, the patient should return them to the optometrist or optical dispenser for replacement. The patient should also return to the optometrist or optical dispenser for repair work and adjustment to his glasses as required.

DENTAL:   School children; students sponsored by Indian Affairs Branch or Manpower, university students and their families may receive basic dental care up to a maximum of - $40.00 per calendar year without prior approval. If the treatment exceeds this amount, an application must be submitted by the dentist for prior approval. All dentists are aware of this arrangement.

Adults and non-students over 17 years of age may receive emergency treatment for the relief of pain.

Dentures, special or elective dental treatment for students and adults, must be approved for payment by our. Dental Officer at the Regional Headquarters Office, Regina. All dentists are aware of this and usually send in an application form after examining the patient.

Every application for assistance is considered on an individual basis so that adequate treatment will The provided in each case.

DRUGS:   Our department will pay for all prescription drugs issued to holders of "R" cards, with the exception of drugs which are a benefit under the Saskatchewan Hospital Services Plan to a patient in hospital.

HEARING AIDS & ORTHOPEDIC APPLICANCES:   Hearing aids must be recommended by an ear specialist. Application for special medical treatment must be approved in advance and application made to the Department of National Health & Welfare. Arrangements are made by medical services for purchasing and fitting of hearing aids or other appliances. Costs of such items are charged to Department of Indian Affairs (with prior approval).

AMBULANCE:   Cost of emergency transportation to hospital or doctor will be paid by Medical Services. Emergency transportation required as a result of an automobile accident is the responsibility of the Sask. Government insurance office. However no delay should be incurred in moving the patient as who is to pay can be settled later.

Prior approval must be obtained for transportation non-emergency patients when the Chief and Council of the Band do not participate in transportation agreement with the department.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE:   Cost of medical examinations required for employment purposes or athletic fitness activity, will be paid by Medical Services, with prior approval by the department. Cost of medical examination will all be considered on their own merit.