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Treaty Research Formula Dominates N.I.B. Conference

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1972      v03 n03 p02  

Grey Johnson from the Union of Nova Scotia Indians presents his organization's position. All the provinces were represented at the three day conference.

Funds for treaty rights research and the plight of the Indian people of the North West Territories were the main issues discussed at the National Indian Brotherhood Conference held in Windsor. Ontario, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A formula was worked out for treaty research based on $30,000 per organization plus $20.00 per Indian. The total sum for this research is over 5 million dollars.

The formula was worked out after a day of deliberation with the eleven member organization representing 250,000 treaty Indians in Canada.

At the present time all Indian organizations across Canada have embarked on research so as to determine their rights under treaties and legislation.

The Northwest Territories Indian Brotherhood presented a resolution urging for a Regional Director of Indian Affairs. The resolution charged that the Territories' 13,000 Native people do not have proper representation on the territorial council but rather the council is run by the 7,000 minority of non-native people.

The situation in the territories is rapidly becoming another Rhodesia, George Manual, President of the National Indian Brotherhood told the assembly.

The resolution charged that the transfer of responsibility for Indian Affairs from the Federal Government to the territorial government is illegal and was made without the consultation of the Indian people.

Also discussed at the national conference were the controversial Laval case and Indian women's treaty status, the Jasper Bay Power project which will replace over 3,000 Indian people and the formation of a negotiating committee to deal with Indian problems at the ministerial level.

The negotiating committee was discussed at previous meetings and agreed on at the start of the assembly.