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National Native Women's Conference

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MARCH 1972      v03 n03 p02  
Womens Conference About 65 delegates from all across Canada gathered in Saskatoon March 22, 23 and 24 for the second annual national native women's conference.

The first national conference was held a year ago in Edmonton, Alberta.

The complications around the Lavell case haunted the proceedings. It was almost impossible to get down to business because of it.

The first day a panel discussion was held on the Lavell case. Participants on the panel were: Mrs. Agnes Bull from Alberta; Mrs. Jeannette Corbiere-Lavell from Ontario; and Mrs. Marie Marule from Ottawa.
Questions from the audience flew back and forth and got quite personal at times.
The Saskatchewan Indian women brought forth a statement saying that they were not in a position to pass a resolution on the Lavell case as they did not represent a legal body as did a Chief and Band Council.

Later on in the evening pow-wow was held and the women from Sask. held a giveaway dance, presenting all the ladies from the other provinces with gifts.

Special gifts were given to the special guests from the United States representing the North American Indian Women's Association from Oklahoma.

Another guest from far away was Rosie Albert, an Eskimo lady from Inuvik, North West Territories.  Rosie told the assembly: Back home we have meetings with both men and women. If a woman speaks and a man answers, then she has nothing more to say. So I really enjoyed this meeting.