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Cy Standing Represents F.S.I. On Advisory Board

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1972      v03 n01 p01  

Cy Standing, executive member of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, is the F.S.I. representative on the newly created northern advisory council. Jim Sinclair represented the Metis Society on the board.  Cy is the northern  representative for the Federation and from the Round Plain reserve near Prince Albert.

As well as two representatives from each organization, Indian and Metis minister Ted Bowerman appointed four members to the council.

They are: Ellsworth Hemingston, a Uranium City prospector for the Uranium City area; Fred Thompson, a mink rancher for the Buffalo Narrows area; Oscar Beatty, a Metis resident, fisherman, trapper and member of the local Co-op store Board and of the Co-op Fisheries Board, for the Deschambault east area; and Roy Myke, a prospector, commercial fisherman and member of the local Co-op fisherman's association for the La Ronge area.

The four appointees came under attack at the first meeting Friday, January 14 because they were appointed and not elected by the people. It was decided that they run for election in their areas and the winners from the northern advisory board.

When set up, the board will have its officer and deputy minister set up in the north. The possibility of La Ronge becoming the centre for the northern office seems very likely.

Also the boundaries for the areas were discussed. The boundary now goes between Red Earth and Cumberland House, south of Montreal Lake, around Canoe Lake, to Primrose Lake on the Alberta border.  The residents of Canoe Lake want this to include them as well.