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Communications Conference Turns Into Policy Making Ploy

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FEBRUARY 1972      v03 n02 p05  
Cliff Starr tried to be a T.V. star
Cliff Starr tried to be a T.V. star
Sol Snaderson tries out a T.V. camera
Sol Sanderson tries out a T.V. camera

We had lots of fun playing around with all the fancy electronic toys but the real purpose of the conference came out on the last day.

It wasn't a working conference but a policy making conference.

From January 12-14, we met with people involved with communication from other Native groups from across Canada. The meeting took place at the Coqualeetza Centre at Sardis, British Columbia.

Coqualeetza is an unused Indian hospital located in the town of Sardis, about 40 miles east of Vancouver.

The conference was sponsored by the Secretary of State and was called because the government has no definite policy for the financing of Native Communication Programs.

As in the case with all bureaucratic institutions the government is demanding that all Native communication programs be cast from the same mold ignoring the vast differences in Native people and their situation.

A program for Indians in Saskatchewan may be totally useless or fall far short of what is necessary for people in the North West Territories of Yukon.

The organizations attending the conference rejected any moves toward adopting national policy and the meeting was brought to an abrupt end.