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Indian Women Of Saskatchewan

Executive, Indian Women of Saskatchewan

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SEPTEMBER 1971      v02 n07 p12  
President, Mrs. Irene Tootoosis President
Mrs. Irene Tootoosis

The Executive of the Indian Women of Saskatchewan met in Prince Albert on September 1st with the Executive of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians to discuss their plans for improving conditions on reservations.

Since the cry for help was expressed at the last Women's Conference for the need of family counselling on reserves, we have geared our aims and objectives to achieve this goal.

Some of the aims and objectives are as follows:

a) To help women organize themselves on their respective reserves.

b) To stimulate action to prevent the use of drugs, and glue sniffing by our young people.

c) To help curb juvenile delinquency on reserves.

d) To create an interest in school activities whereby parents and students will work together to achieving higher education and increasing school attendance.
To make women aware of other women's clubs and of the work the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians is doing, thereby stimulating action in women in areas where proper work is not being done.

The Planning Committee have taken great strides in trying to construct a better organization. The Secretary of State has made funds available to Native Women's Organizations across Canada. In order to be eligible for a grant, an organization has to be chartered under the benevolent Societies Act, must have a constitution and a proposal must be submitted to the Secretary of State. The Executive have set the wheels turning to carry out these requirements in order to apply for a grant. The grant may not be a large amount but at least we will have some funds to work with.

But in order to be effective in preventing juvenile delinquency, alcoholism and children being neglected we must have funds so that our workers will be able to travel to reserves to offer assistance whenever required. If you have ideas on how to acquire funds or know of some club who will be able to donate money, do not hesitate to let us know.

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