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News Media Responds Favorably To Friendship Centre Resolution Centre

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      DECEMBER 1971      v02 n10 p02  
A resolution encouraging the news media to cease identification of Indian people who are involved with the law has been met with positive response by representatives of the news media.

I agree wholeheartedly with the suggestion," Les Edwards, Director of CFQC news in Saskatoon, stated.

A. E. Parr, manager, Regina Moose Jaw stated "You can be assured that we are most anxious to co-operate with the various groups noted in the resolution, as well with the legal authorities."

The resolution originated in the Regina Indian - Metis Friendship Centre. It was moved by Don Leitch and seconded by Judy Hooker that the Centre approach both the Metis Society and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians regarding Indian people being identified by reserve or otherwise.

In all other cases, people are identified by postal address only.

Attorney General Roy Romanow responded by instructing all R.C.M.P. officials that no reports should be released to the press indicating the nationality of the person arrested.