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Saskatchewan First Nation Veteran Association:
Newly Elected Grand Chief Philip Favel

Bonnie Leask

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SUMMER 2003     v34 n01 p09  
Grand Chief Philip Favel On April 29 & 30, 2003, the Saskatchewan First Nation Veterans Association (SFNVA) held their Veteran Assembly and by-election at the White Buffalo Youth Lodge in Saskatoon. WWII Veteran Philip Favel of the Sweetgrass First Nation (Strike it on the Back) now holds the Office of the Grand Chief position. Grand Chief Favel's office will be located at the FSIN offices in Saskatoon.

Grand Chief Philip Favel and his deceased wife Dora Mary Favel have a family of 6 children and 26 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren.

The Grand Chief plans to work hard to bring attention to the issues of the veterans and peacetime keepers of the Saskatchewan First Nation Veterans Association (SFNVA). Notably the issues that will be a large part of Grand Chief's agenda will be the federal government compensation package and the appeal process that has been established and providing information to veterans on the issue of wills and estates.