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FSIN Election 2000

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      WINTER 2001      v31 n01 p10  
3rd Vice-Chief Lindsay Cyr sworn in for his 4th consecutive term by Senator Edwin Baldhead
3rd Vice-Chief Lindsay Cyr sworn in for
his 4th consecutive term
by Senator Edwin Baldhead
The start of the new millennium brought many new challenges to the future of First Nations. For the First Nations and their members it also meant selecting a leader that would head up the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. The fall of year 2000 had delegates from First Nations selecting who would be the Chief, 1st Vice-Chief and 3rd Vice-Chief for the next three years.

Incumbents Perry Bellegarde (Chief) and Lindsay Cyr (3rd Vice-Chief) retained their respective positions. Greg Ahenakew required two ballots to win the position of 1st Vice-Chief.

The position of 1st Vice-Chief became available when Morley Watson decided to run for the position of Chief. Terry Sanderson and Terry Lavallee had also indicated their intention to run for the position of Chief. Terry Lavallee's candidacy became invalid when he could not get anyone to second his nomination.

The official results of the election were as follows:

For the position of Chief (won in the first ballot):
1. Bellegarde, Perry (incumbent)
2. Sanderson, Terry
3. Watson, Morley

For the position of 1st Vice-Chief (gone to second ballot):
1. Adam, Allan
2. Ahenakew, Greg
3. Head, Eddie
4. Omani, Leo

For the position of 3rd Vice-Chief (won to the first ballot):
1. Cyr, Lindsay
2. Pelletier, Terry

Under the FSIN election act, the candidate with the fewest amount of votes is required to drop out of the election race. Prior to the second ballot, Eddie Head had also conceded his name for the second ballot. The second ballot had Allan Adam and Greg Ahenakew vying for the position.

Results of the second ballot:
1. Adam Allan
2. Ahenakew Greg

After being sworn into their respective offices, the Assembly gave each candidate the opportunity to say a few words. As they graciously accepted the results of the election, all candidates pledged their allegiance to the unity of FSIN. Unity within the Federation is vital for the strength of the organization.

For Chief Perry Bellegarde it was business as usual. His immediate tasks include delegating responsibility of different portfolios to the Executive. Achieving a positive resolution for our First Nations veterans is something that is a high priority. His immediate plans also include calling a special Assembly in December to deal with areas such as Indian Gaming, Treaty Governance and ensuring the development of a communication network on all aspects of the FSIN.

Being the newest member of the Executive, 1st Vice-Chief Greg Ahenakew said he would work hard on the portfolio that would be assigned to him. He said his platform is to create better dialogue with First Nations, ensuring the needs identified by the grassroots people are heard, the protection of our Treaty Rights are all the items he wants to devote his efforts on.

A proven track record of being an executive member who has been able to produce results is what gave Lindsay Cyr the mandate to continue on his term. Vice-Chief Cyr said he was very happy to once again have that confidence and support to continue his efforts in attaining a better future for our First Nations.

Newest FSIN executive member - Greg Ahenakew wins Office of the 1st Vice-Chief
Newest FSIN executive member - Greg Ahenakew wins Office of the 1st Vice-Chief