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Biography: Darren R. Mckenzie

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FALL 2001      v30 n03 p20  
Darren McKenzie artwork Darren McKenzie artwork

A Cree artist, raised in the inner city of Regina Saskatchewan. Darren graduated from O'Neill High School 1979 where he studied Art under his mentor Wilf Perreault. He attended Medicine Hat College on an athletic scholarship, majoring in Commercial art from 1980-1982. Following his schooling at Medicine Hat College, Darren attended the University of Regina majoring in Indian Art History from 1983-1984. Moving on to Toronto, Darren studied at the Ontario College of Art focusing on illustration and sculpture from 1985-1986. Most recently Darren has graduated from the intensive and culturally engrossing, four year apprenticeship at the Kitanmaax School of North West Coast Indian Art, at K'San Hazelton British Columbia.

Exploring the various contemporary possibilities of the mythic forms, legends and creatures of the Natural world are Darren's primary artistic goals. Being an Indian artist with knowledge of advanced design, ceremonial rituals, ethnology and master technical applications, Darren has a strong desire to enlighten and educate, creating new opportunities for other First Nation and seeking an artistic direction.

Currently, Darren is working out of two studios in Vancouver where Darren enjoys a reputation among gallery owners as an innovator. Expansion of public awareness, as well as creative, educational and business possibilities made a move to Regina a progressive step in the mandate of the artist.

Mainly concerned with developing the skills, which these art forms demand, the years of intense production have given Darren the tools to push the envelope of the traditional, into the contemporary.