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On The Cover: Ernie Scoles

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SPRING 2000      v30 n02 p23  
Ernie Scoles 'TIME GOES ON' The cover art features an original painting entitled "Time goes on" by Ernie Scoles. This original painting done especially for the cover of Saskatchewan Indian, illustrates the changes First Nations' people have faced and continue to face as time goes on.

"I used the life symbol with the four directions which shows that we are still very full of life to fight for what was taken from us. Instead of using weapons that can kill, which the spear represents, we now use our knowledge to negotiate to bring peace amongst us, which is represented by the pipe," said Scoles.

Scoles, a member of the Barren Lands Indian Band in Manitoba was born at Cumberland House Saskatchewan. Scoles was raised in northern Manitoba and it was there that he developed a deep awareness for nature and wildlife.

"When I'm painting I have a great feeling of peace and harmony with nature and I feel a powerful connection between our creator and all living things. I believe my images reflect a oneness of nature and our human feelings."

Scoles has taken advantage of childhood to explore the woods, lakes and streams. Scoles is largely self-taught and works in traditional Cree imagery.

"In my work, I try to capture the spiritual interaction of life with the earth, sun, wind and sky. I always hope that at least one person will like the image I have painted."

His painting are found in collections throughout Canada, United States, Europe and Asia. In 1992, Scoles was awarded the Governor General's Canada 125 Medal for his contributions to his community.

Scoles makes his home in Saskatoon with his wife, Doreen and their four children, Davian, Amanda, Cassie and Kalen. If you are interested in Ernie Scoles work, you can contact him directly at (306) 373-0156 in Saskatoon.