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A Thirty Year Retrospective


Alone II
Buffalo Skull
Deep in Thought
Elk's Whistle
Frost Exploding Trees Moon
Summer Camp
Man and Wife

The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre was first established in 1972. The focus was to assist First Nations communities to develop their capacity to deliver educational programming within their communities. In the early 1970s, the Centre was called the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College. It served as a central resource centre and provided technical support and training for First Nations and their citizens. One of the original Departments within the Centre was the Indian Arts Department, directed by Sarain Stump. Sarain was an accomplished Shoshone/Cree artist. With the assistance of Harry Lafond and Tom Severson, Sarain established and delivered a program to train First Nations people to teach art. The training program was a huge success, and is now an integral program within SIFC.

Over the years the Centre has commissioned and acquired various pieces of art for their productions and programming, as well as its collection. In addition, students, artisans and others have donated numerous pieces to the Centre in the past 30 years. Today the unique collection not only documents the traditional and contemporary arts of Saskatchewan First Nations, it also provides a retrospective evolution of artists from Saskatchewan.

Works by Sarain Stump and four students of the 1972 arts training program - Ray McCallum, Eddie Poitras, John A. Thomas, and Dennis Morrison are among those featured in this exhibition. In addition there are works by Gerald McMaster, Jerry White Head, Ray Keighley, Dennis Smokeyday, Kurt Takakenew, Alvin McKay, Darwin Keshane, Trevor Cheekinew, Calvin Sand and Warren Stonechild.



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Legend of White Buffalo
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