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Johnna Martin
c/o Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7K 0S2
Phone: (306) 244-1146

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Keeping House Project - This was a summer project funded by Industry Canada in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre. This project involved the hiring of four First Nations university summer students to research and compile data and graphics necessary to produce a "museum-like" web site. The students (of which I'm one) were responsible for the collation and photography of the art works and artifacts. I was personally responsible for the creation and maintenance of the database used in this project. The actual web site programming was done by Northern Lights Internet Solutions.

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre - The Centre provides educational and cultural services to First Nations of Saskatchewan. It is the Centre's 25th Anniversary this year (1997) and several special events have been planned for September 25th - 28th. An Aboriginal youth talent search, a Commemorative Banquet, Art Auction, and a Pow Wow with a juried art show. In conjunction with these events, the Centre is also hosting the national conference for First Nations Cultural Centres of Canada. Please come out and help us celebrate!!