Woodland Cree

Preservation and Revitalization Initiatives


Reserve Initiatives

Montreal Lake

  • Teaching the Cree language from N – 12
  • Grades 10 – 12 receive credits in Cree
  • Elders to participate in some classes
  • Annual Culture Camp
  • Students participate in school feasts
  • Students have access to a Cree Language Program in CD ROM

LacLaRonge Indian Band

  • Partner in the Aboriginal Language Development Project with INAC
  • Provide Cree Language Workshops every 2 years for the language teachers, next workshop in 2005
  • Professional Development Conference for Language Teachers funded by INAC, next conference in March 2004 in Prince Albert, Sk.
  • Annual Cree Language Festival funded by the Northern and Saskatchewan Cree Language Retention Committee
  • The schools: Bell’s Point Elementary, Chief Moses Ratt School, Senator Myles Venne, and Hall Lake Elementary, all participate in the Cree Language Program and more so in the classroom with fluent Cree speaking teachers
  • Cree 10, 20, and 30 is offered at the Senator Myles Venne High School; this curriculum guide is being revised and will likely have participation from the neighbouring provinces of Alberta and Manitoba
  • The schools have a resident Elder and a Cultural Coordinator that assists the staff and students
  • The Health and Recreation Departments host a Cultural Camp in the Fall, Winter, and Spring of each year
  • The LLIB Health and Recreation have a powwow in the planning
  • The First Nations University of Canada and NORTEP offer University level Cree classes in the community
  • Community Radio Station