Quotes from Elders

Elder Pauline Pelly - Keeseekoose First Nation
Importance of Language
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Chief Felix Musqua - Keeseekoose First Nation

“You have to listen to the people with a kind heart and use your judgment to get the best for your reserve.”

"Andotaw kici-anisinabég kámino-cigéwat sigwa kagwé mino-cigég kitiskaniganiwa."

Henry Lanigan - Cote First Nation

"One of the priorities young people have to think about is spirituality, and mental wellness."
"Abinocíyak kagwé nanagatawéndamowa anísinabé otiscigéwin mihiwé ogaminoségonawá."

John Quewezance - Keeseekoose First Nation

"It would be good if all young people would learn their culture and get involved."
"Abinócíyak ci kagwé kikéndamowat anisinabé otiscigéwin sigwa ci nastamowat kégo awiya izicigét."

Mary Strongquill - Keeseekoose First Nation

"Post Secondary Education is important today, because you can't get a job without education."
"Nóngom kici-kakinahomaté wigamigong izáhin pigo-imá kitá-anokísanágan ci anokíhin kíspin izásiwan kakinahomatéwigamigong."

Grace Sabit - Fishing Lake First Nation

"Children used to listen to what they were told, but today we have many problems because children are not listening."
"kété abinocíyak ki-andotamok nóngom sigwa mócówak abinocíyak káwín andotasíwak."

Pauline Pelly - Keeseekoose First Nation

"Education is vitally important because it gives us the knowledge and skills to build a better future for our children and grandchildren."
"kikédasowin kakina awiya ci kéndang, migézi minoginawasowa"

Alfred Peigan - Pasqua First Nation

"I was lectured by my father to respect the Elders, the Indian ceremonies, and everything to do with the culture."
"Nikí-wíndamag nibábá ci-andotawak ci-anisinabé kágígitot, sigwa ci-kagwé kikéndaman anisinabé otiscigéwin."

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