Plains Cree

Preservation and Revitalization Initiatives

The Cree language in Saskatchewan is spoken from border to border
Manitoba,Alberta, United states of America.

There are two retention groups
- north retention group is chaired by Lac la ronge band
- south retention group is chaired by members of (SIFC) First Nations University of Canada, Muskeg First Nations, elders from first nations communities, members of Okemasis First Nations

Head Start programs
- in some communities Cree is spoken to the young ones as soon as they walk in the doors

Cree culture camps
- River gathering in Sandy Bay
- Elders gathering in and around Prince Albert

Several band schools do have a number of teachers who speak their First Nations mother tongue.
Some schools provide initiatives for teachers to speak Cree and to pass on the language to their students.

Cree classes are offered at universities in Saskatchewan

Books have been published in Cree
- Authors like Ahenakew, Freda. Anderson, Ann., Mcload, Ida.

- Cree to English / English to Cree dictionary (s)
- non native authors, who’s interests are of the Cree language have written similar books
i) Wolfart, H.C.,
ii) Wolvengrey A.,
iii) Beaudet, G. OMI
iv) Carroll, Janet, F.

First Nations reserves or bands that have a Cree language program(s) in the school system
- Onion Lake
- Lac la Ronge
- Montreal Lake
- Peter Ballantyne
- Muskeg Lake
- Kawakatoose


Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre