Grammar Guide

Part B: The Verb

14. Number Prefix - / he /
The third person dual, ‘they two’, is formed by adding a prefix he to the verb. When he is added to the third person singular form, it becomes third person dual.

yedq ‘He is drinking it’
heyedq ‘They (2) are drinking it’
nádher ‘He is staying’
náhedher ‘They (2) are staying’

The order in which dual he occurs may be described as follows:

a) It usually immediately precedes, but may sometimes immediately follow the direct object prefixes, yé, sé, ne, nuhe-, ede, eøe, hube, or e .

yeøsti ‘ He is rnaking it’
heyeøtsi ‘They (2) are making it’
yeneø¿ü ‘He is looking at him’
heyeneø¿ü ‘They (2) are looking at him’
seneø¿ü ‘He is looking at me’
seheneø¿ü ‘They (2) are looking at me’

b. Dual he - always precedes the following prefixes, but not necessarily immediately:

ho holni ‘He is telling a story’
  heholni ‘They (2) are telling a story’
he hekí ‘He is starting to go’(on water)
  hehehkí ‘They (2) are starting to go’ “
enéøkq ‘She is sewing’
  ehenéøkq 'They (2) are sewing’
ne nechá ‘He is big’
  henechá ‘They (2) are big’
de delkoth ‘He is coughing’
  herelkoth ‘They (2) are coughing’
ni nidhen ‘He is thinking’
  henidhen ‘They (2) are thinking’
yedárü¿q ‘He plugged it’
  yedáharü¿q ‘They (2) plugged it’
¿asié híøchú ‘He is taking something’
  ¿asié hehíøchu ‘They (2) are taking something’
yeríttvagh ‘He hears it’
  heyeríttvagh ‘They (2) hear it’
yu yu?eth ‘He is kicking him’
  heyu¿eth ‘They (2) are kicking him’
náyeøn® ‘He is buying it’
  náyeheøní ‘They (2) are buying it’
the lidí theøtsü ‘He made the tea’
  lidí heøtsü ‘They (2) iriade the tea’

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