Grammar Guide

Part B: The Verb

15. Number Prefix - / dá /
Plurals in Denes¶øiné are formed by adding a prefix to the verb. This prefix is added to first person dual to make first person plural.

eghálaghída ‘We (2) are working’
eghádalaghída ‘We (pl) are working’
híjen ‘We (2) are singing’
dahéjen ‘We (pl) are singing’
nahítser ‘We (2) are strong’
Naráhítser ‘We (pl) are strong’

The prefix or is added to second person dual to make second person plural.

eghálona ‘You (2) are working’
eghádálona ‘You (pl) are working’
huhjen ‘You (2) are singing’
dóhjen ‘You (pl) are singing’
nóhtser ‘You (2) are strong’
nadóhster ‘You (pl) are strong’

The prefix is added to third person singular to make third person plural.

eghálana ‘He is working’
eghádálana ‘They (pl) are working’
hejen ‘He is singing’
dájen ‘They (pl) are singing’
nátser ‘He is strong’
narátser ‘They (pl) are strong’

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