Grammar Guide

Part B: The Verb

18. The "Again" Pre
A prefix na, meaning ‘back again’ occurs immediately following the plural prefix dá. If this prefix is present it indicates a repetion of the action. When the prefix na is added to verbes with no classifier, classifier d will usually appear. It has been suggested that if classifier ø is present when prefix na is added, classifier ø will become l, but there is no illustration of this available for this grammar.

Hegha ‘he/she is starting to go’
Nahja ‘he/she is starting to go back again’
Nádher ‘he/she is staying’
Nánaddher ‘he/she is staying again’
Dáhekü ‘they are (pl) starting to go (on water).
Dánahehkü ‘they are (pl) started to go back again’
náyeøní ‘He is buying it’
nánayeøní ‘He is buying it back again’
néníya ‘I arrived’
nínpsja ‘I arrived back again’

In this latter illustration, prefix na has combined with prefix of to become ni.

The prefix na does not occur freely with all verbs, but seems limited, because of meaning, to certain ones.

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