Grammar Guide

Part A: The Simple Sentence

5. Modifiers of Verbs
Action that is to take place in the future is expressed in Denes¶øiné by adding the word ha after the verb.

shétü ha¿eh 'He will be eating'
nádher ha¿eh 'He will be staying'
yeneø¿ü ha¿eh 'He will be looking at it'

When future, negative and interrogative occur in the same sentence, they occur in the order just listed.

Hejen ha¿eh híle 'He will not be singing'
Hejen ha¿eh húsä? 'Will he be singing?'

Certain other words also occur following the verb, expressing adverbial ideas;

e. g. ,

Hejen ha¿eh húto 'Maybe he is singing'
yalti ha¿eh húto 'Maybe he is talking'
hejen honédí 'Likely he is singing'
yaøti honédí 'Likely he is talking'

When these are combined with future and negative words, they occur in final position.

hejen híle húto 'Maybe he is not singing'
hejen ha¿eh húto 'Maybe he will be singing'
yaøti honédí 'Likely he will be talking'
yaøti ha¿eh híle honédí 'Likely he will not be talking'

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