Grammar Guide

Part A: The Simple Sentence

4. Modifiers of Nouns
Demonstrative words are used to modify nouns. These occur before the noun just the same as in English.

yuwe deneyu 'that man'
yuwe øü ‘that dog'
diri deneyu 'this man'
diri øü 'this dog'

Note that yuwé refers to objects that can be seen. Another demonstrative word, eyi is used when the person or thing spoken about cannot be seen.

eyi deneyu 'that man'

Demonstrative words can also be used by themselves as the subject of the sentence.

diri deneyu nechá 'this man is big'
diri nechá 'this one is big'

The Denes¶øiné numerical system is based on ten and is used more or less in the same manner as in English.

üøághe øü ‘one dog'
náke øü chogh 'two horses'
taghe øuwe 'three fish'

When combined with demonstratives, the order of words is still the same as in English.

diri nake bes 'these two knives'
yuwe düghü dechen 'those four logs'
yuwe düghü dechen betßü 'He has those four logs.'

Adjectives, which occur before the noun in English, occur after it in Denes¶øiné.

Deneyu øq 'many men'
Tßékwi ttvi 'the woman too'

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