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Article: Women's Dress

Two types of costume were worn among the Saulteaux women and were only slightly less colourful than the men's clothing. The first type was made of two pieces of hide sown together in a tube like form. An ornamental flap was formed at the top of the dress and was beaded with geometric designs. A yolk with two straps usually hung from the wearer's shoulders. At the waist, a wide belt usually gathered the dress. A cape like extension hung from the back and covered the arms and shoulders of the wearer.

The second type was an adaptation of the high plains style of dress. It was made of either two elk or antelope skins. Sewing the two pieces (one for the front and back) together face to face makes the dress. A brighter version of this dress was worn during ceremonial occasions and was usually adorned with ribbons and belted with a beaded belt.