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Article: Men

The role prescribed for men is that of provider,protector and decision-maker. Men also had the responsibilities of being leaders in their communities. Qualities for attaining leadership included: a strong sense of identity and loyalty to his people; wisdom through learning; experience and spiritual in sight; knowledge and sharing the knowledge with his people; dignity expressed through self discipline; good behaviour and pride in self; courage in coping with everyday life and hardships; demonstrated maturity year to year; respectable performance in legal, social and ceremonial activities; ability to put the needs of the people first in decision making and to be wise in such actions; helping the Elders, handicapped, less fortunate, and orphans; listened to the people and demonstrated empathy; skilled in oration and the ability to convey his knowledge and ideas; had a sense of humour, be patient, kind, compassionate, humble, honest, perseverance, industrious, be healthy in mind, body, spirit and emotion; last but not least be a good role model for all his people.