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Article: Child Rearing

Childrearing was the responsibility of the Parents and Grandparents. The teaching started at an early age when the child could understand, "Don't do that". As the child got older more was taught, behaviour, values and all the things that he/she would encounter while growing up. The parents relied on the elders to help with child upbringing. The Elders, especially the ladies, were the experts on childrearing; they made the best teachers. Children were rebuked for their mistakes but not spanked for them. Sometimes a child might not listen to what he/she is told or to do what he/she is told not to do. In these situations a parent or grandparent might spank their child but there was never any child abuse that took place. It was understood to the Saulteaux that their children were not theirs but on loan from Kítsi-manitó and should be treated with respect.